Our Limited Edition Bumble Bee vessel features two wicks and holds approximately 18.5 oz of our premium scented wax. Complete this vessel with one of our ten Signature Fragrances.

  1. Tobacco Musk - Tobacco, Vanilla Bean, Musks
  2. Scent of the Nile - Bergamot, Lavender, Black Pepper, Amberwood
  3. Cardigan - Lavender, Cashmere, Vanilla Bean
  4. Lava - Sugared Citrus, Mountain Greens, Tropical Fruits
  5. White Lavender - White Florals, Tea Leaves, Lavender
  6. Sugar Melon - Watermelon, Mexican Sugar
  7. Tooty Fruity - Goji Berry, Citrus
  8. Tomato blossom - Olive Blossom, Tomato Leaf
  9. Cedar Vanille - Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean
  10. Pacific Northwest - Rain, Pine Needles, Fresh Greens

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